Can a Motorcycle Be Classified as Lemon?

Lemon Law applies when there is a vehicle defect or condition, which considerably impairs its use, value or safety, and when this condition can’t be repaired after a certain number attempts by an authorized manufacturer’s dealership. This nonconformity must first occur within a certain number of months or miles, whichever comes first.  Car owners should know the articles of this law well, since it protects them against bad investments.  Should bike owners also be acquainted with this law too? Can a motorcycle be classified as lemon?  Our California lemon law attorneys can explain this more thoroughly to you.

lemonThe provisions of the Lemon Law differ by state, regarding the number of repair attempts for the same defect, mileage or number of days in which the vehicle wasn’t in operation. For example, in California, the Lemon Law also applies for motorcycles.  The Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act known as the California Lemon Law covers new motor vehicles, including motorcycles. The California Lemon Law can be used to oblige a manufacturer to replace or repurchase the motorcycle under certain conditions.

Lemon law for motorcycles outlines a different specified number of defects which can be considered a potential threat to vehicle safety. When it comes to bikes, any kind of defects can cause a serious injury and even death. A motorcycle is qualified as a “lemon” if a manufacturer or its authorized dealer failed to repair it. The repaired motorcycle has to conform to the terms of the express warranty after a reasonable number of repair attempts. The Lemon Law protects motorcycle owners who experience problems with their bikes within the manufacturer`s warranty period.

Under the California Lemon Law statute, owners of lemon motorcycles may demand for a replacement motorcycle or a full buyback. The latter will include:

  • Full motorcycle price or paid monthly payments and down payment if the vehicle is financed
    • Registration fees
    • Sales tax
    • Incidental damages
    • Vehicle rental cost and towing reimbursement
    • Attorney`s fees

If you have a motorcycle and it can be considered a lemon, you should call us for more info about all existing legal approaches for getting your money back.  Contact us!