How to Answer a Lawsuit for Debt Collection!

When a person or a company considers you owe them money, they will either hire a debt collector or will start a debt collection lawsuit.  It is in your best interest to know all your rights if you are accused of this. Hire a professional Los Angeles criminal lawyer and ask how to answer a lawsuit for debt collection. Furthermore, the lawyer will analyze and will tell you the chances of getting rid of all the accusations.

0723_lawyer-money-gavel_400x280You should always respond to any complaint regarding debt collection. Otherwise, the court will enter a default judgment against you, the plaintiff will win automatically and will get a judgment for everything they asked in the complaint.

Once you are sued, you must first write a response to the court.  The lawyer will tell you how much time you have to reply to the complaint. Time to reply is limited, usually 20-30 days since the complaint was handed over to you (not the day it was written). In the packet received with the complaint, you will also find the summons document, which presents the date you must go to court and respond to the lawsuit.

Talk with a lawyer to prepare your strategy and respond.  Analyze all evidences presented by the plaintiff. There are many cases when the plaintiff asked for outstanding debts to be recovered, but the owed sum was significantly lower.  If this is also your case, gather all the evidence and send them with the response.  In the response you must admit or deny any allegation.

If possible, the lawyer will use an affirmative defense, citing the fail to state the basis of the lawsuit, the fact that the debt is time-barred or that the plaintiff lacks legal standing.  Hire a competent lawyer and he will help you get through this unpleasant lawsuit.

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