What are Your Rights in a Car Accident?

Car accident laws determine who is responsible for the accident and what penalties should be applied to the at fault party. Car accident litigation is governed almost entirely by state law. Both parties involved in a car accident, the victim and the one responsible for the accident, are subject to specific laws. In almost all cases, specialized consultancy is required. Hiring one of the many civil laws attorneys in Los Angeles is recommended. But first, let us look at your rights in a car accident and the first things to do if you are in one.

law4You have the right to a just and fair lawsuit. If you are the victim of a car accident, you must ask for and receive proper compensation. In order to get compensation, you must prove four elements: duty, breach, causation and harm. The duty of drivers refers to respecting the traffic laws and operating the vehicle in a responsible manner. The existence of duty is usually accepted without much argument. The plaintiff will be required to bring evidence that the defendant breached duty. This can be done by bringing sufficient evidence: testimonies, blood alcohol readings, damage reports and so on.

You have the right to question the witness, to photograph the scene of the accident right after the incident and you can ask for traffic surveillance videos. All parties involved in the accident should do that. These elements will help determine who breached the traffic laws.

You have the right to fair compensation. Bring detailed reports for all injuries and property damage suffered. You can also bring receipts for medical care and car repairs. Speak with a lawyer and figure out what is the best way to represent your case and how much to ask in compensation.

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