What to Do if an Employer Refuses to Pay You? Call A Lawyer!

If an employer refuses to pay you, he or she is breeching the work contract that both parties (you and the employer) have signed. This can be a serious offense and you are entitled to take legal action if things are not resolved in due time. Calling a Los Angeles civil lawyer is important if you want to sue your employer.

criminal-defenseThere are various state and federal laws that protect workers from various abuses. It is mandatory for an employer to offer payments to the workers as agreed by both parties. Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, employers have to be paid extra for overtime and for any hours worked after the standard 40-hour work week.

What are your rights?

As an employee, you have rights that the employer cannot take away from you. You should always be aware and know what your rights are. Here is a list of situations when you are entitled to payment:

  • The right to a paid holiday.
  • The right to receive maternal or paternal leave and payments.
  • The right to be the set federal minimum wage.
  • The right to be paid extra for overtime (this includes working during a public holiday).
  • The right to a notice of dismissal and a written reason for your dismissal. (You have this right only if you have worked at least one month for your employer).

What to do if you have been treated unfairly?

Taking legal action against your employer should be the final step. The first step should be to confront the employer or the person in charge of your salary. In some cases, mistakes can happen and your payment may be late.

If you are fired, keep in mind that the employer has to give you prior notice and a reason for your dismissal. Also, the employer has to pay you for the worked days, even if you are fired.

As an employee, you have rights and you should be prepared to always defend them. We can help you if you wish to pursue legal action. Visit us at http://zolonzassociates.com/!