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Had trouble with my 2012 infinity G37s, came to Adam after having the vehicle for 3.5 years, in about a month had an early Christmas present of the majority of my money back. Again after 3.5 years of driving the vehicle.... If you’re being hesitant about these types of situations, give Adam a try you won't regret it!!!!!! You have nothing to lose but a whole lot to gain!!!!!!! You can't imagine how easy Adam makes it for you. He's doesn't hide anything, talks to you, explains everything, gets back to you promptly and most importantly gets the job DONE!!! GOO SEE HIM!!!!

Harry Infiniti G37s

LOOK NO FURTHER FOR A LEMON LAW ATTORNEY! I called Adam about problems with my 2013 Nissan Altima. He personally called me back the same day. In less than 2 weeks he had a response from Nissan. In less than a month we had a buyback offer. Now we have our new and safe non Nissan and are very happy. He handled everything and made the whole process go very smoothly. Adam is a professional and reliable attorney who knows how to get the job done. He works for you the way your attorney should. Thank you again Adam!

JCJ Keil

First & foremost I would like to thank Adam for his hard work in getting BMW to buy back my 2013 528i within 38 days. Adam even called me from Paris while on vacation to tell me the good news. I did not even meet Adam due to my busy work schedule. Once Adam received all the proper documents via email and after signing his legal form he just went after the dealer. It took 38 days total for Adam to call me back and give me the good news. Thanks again Adam.

Chris D.

I found Adam via Yelp for my 2013 VW GTI that had been driving me nuts. Adam has been extremely helpful throughout the whole process, but what I loved the most is that he treated me like a friend rather than a customer. He truly cared about my case and was extremely quick to respond to phone calls and text messages. He would always keep me updated with any new information and was overall a pleasure to work with. I would HIGHLY recommend him to anybody looking to lemon their car in the future. Adam I wanted to thank you again for everything you have done and on top of it having an extremely reasonable fee. Thank you.

Paz J.

I contacted Adam Zolonz after reading his stellar reviews. I had already reached out to several different Lemon Law attorneys and a couple of them weren't even willing to take my case. I was trying to get a full buy back for my Mercedes CL600. Adam immediately saw the value in taking me on as a client and got to work right away. I had my assistant reach out to him in mid September and had a check in hand for the full purchased value PLUS ALL THE ADDITIONAL CHARGES like taxes and registration and more. I was elated to get a check FOR more then I had anticipated by the end of November. I would absolutely recommend Adam to anyone considering filing a Lemon Law claim, he exceeded every expectation and did so much MORE THEN I HAD EXPECTED AND quicker than anticipated.

Anthony Morrocco CEO/Pres.

Adam was definitely a man of his word. He is one attorney that stays on top of the case you don't have to stay on top of him because he's definitely continuously working on your behalf. I kind of fumbled my way through my case but Adam made sure that I did everything I needed to do in order to win my case. The great news is it only took us about 4 to 6 months before we actually settled the case. I know that without him I would not even have moved forward and would have been another person out there just taken by the car dealer game. He is truly a blessing and I would recommend him to anyone who has any issues within the law with their vehicle. There is nowhere else to go he is it. Thank you so much again Adam and I will keep the referrals coming.

Rhonda Willis

Adam was professional from start to finish. He represented me in a Lemon Law Case for my 2013 Ford Focus. He made the process easy to understand, straight forward, and always responded in a timely manner. He was successful in obtaining a 100% repurchase of my car. I'd highly recommend him to anyone.

RaChelle B.

Adam is an intelligent effective attorney. In 2 months he did what I could not achieve in one and a half years. I got my money back and paid off my debt. Very happy with the results and I would totally recommend Adam to anyone in need of a lemon law attorney.


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